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Four years on

Having a huge rush of nostalgia and felt I couldn't leave without posting.....

Almost four years since I was last on here! Long story short, I'm now living in British Columbia, Canada. I've been a bit of a gypsy for the last four years but it's the perfect life for me. It's kept me pretty damn healthy, both physically and mentally.

Life is good and the world is beautiful.

The main reason I came on here was due to my recent anniversary of four years clean. Four years! I'm saying it to silence I know but I AM SO HAPPY. I really just wanted that written somewhere online as it seems 'realer' somehow. And this seems a better place than others....yet in some ways, not, since I never really wrote much about 2008 before I left the UK to go to New Zealand.

Anyway, if any of my old livejournal friends see this (even if it's six months, a year, two years after I write this), do get in touch.
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